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Kipp Daley, founder of KW Sound, is a local of Key West. Kipp was born in 1974, the son of a musician and music fanatic. As a result, he was exposed to tons of music from a large variet of genres and eras at a early age.

Having been surrounded by live music, he learned the joyous sounds of irish sing alongs, as well as the best way to keep a crowd hopping. Currently, he plays keyboard in a local band.

On a personal level, he is the pround father of two lovely children who have followed in his footsteps. He enjoys fishing and riding his motorcycle in addition to a miriad of other island activities from boat racing to scuba diving from Bimini to Marvin Key.

Sand bar parties are frequent and "when we are out of beer, we are out of here".

Kipp is engaged to be married to his current and future partner in life.

Kipp Daley ~ 305-731-6672 ~ kipp@kwsound.com

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